The Kid is the main character and protagonist in Turbo Kid.


The orphaned "Kid" survives on his own through drought-ridden nuclear winter, traversing the Wasteland on his BMX bicycle, scavenging for scraps to trade for a scant supply of water.

Before "Turbo Kid" Edit

Living with his parents and witnessing their deaths Edit

The Kid was propably born and raised after the apocalypse. He lived with his parents until they were killed by Zeus and Skeletron for their water when he was 7 years old. Kid attempted to save them, trying to shoot Zeus with his toy laser gun. The antagonist laughed in response and scared off The Kid, causing him to flee on his bicycle. He told Skeletron to "not bother", as he "won't last long out there".

Living alone Edit

After his parents death, The Kid struggled to survive in the Wasteland on his own. At some point, he found an undeground bunker which he settled and made it his new home. He also started to draw a map with several marked locations, such as home, the Playground and Danger Zone. The Kid eventually found Bagu's bar, where people from the Wasteland gathered, and ocasionally traded with him for food and water.

The Events of "Turbo Kid" Edit

Going to Bagu's bar Edit

At the very beginning of the movie we see The Kid scavenging in the Wasteland, constantly uptading his map and going back to his home afterwards. While he's there, he catches a mutated rat which he then killes and drives on his bicycle to Bagu's bar. There, he witnesses Frederick armwrestling with the Bird Clan Leader and trades junk with Bagu for food and water. When The Kid is about to go, the trader gives him a Turbo Rider comic book (which are his favourites) "for good measure". Reading it while going back to his bicycle, he bumps into Frederic, who grabs him and and asks what the hell is he doing, as The Kid violated his "personal bubble" (his comfort zone). Then one of Frederic's guys rides up to them and interrups, saying that Frederic's brother has gone missing. Frederic rides of with the rest of the group, leaving The Kid alone.

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